Benevenuti (welcome) to Patty cakes bakery, bagels and more!

Step into our kitchen where modern American meets old school Italian. It’s a Sunday morning and you walk into Patty Cakes Bakery. Your senses can’t decide whether to focus on the fresh flavorful smell of Baronet coffee brewing or our savory everything bagels toasting. You were craving our homemade whipped cream cheese, but then saw us cracking fresh eggs on the grill with sizzling bacon. Oh no, now you’ve gone too far, the breakfast danishes have locked eyes with you. That chocolate croissant and ricotta cheese danish is not just calling, but screaming your name. Did you say you were on a diet? Perfect, we bake our donuts instead of frying them so technically they’re healthy! 😉

Did you think we were done? The list goes on, from stuffed breads and pizzas, to Italian pastries, cupcakes, and more! We’ll make you feel overwhelmed in the best way possible.

Your experience at Patty Cakes Bakery will send you home full, happy, and confused because you walked in American but rolled out Italian.

Now for the good stuff, Check out what we offer!